And thank you for visiting our Purewell Kitchens site. In case you are new to us, Purewell Electrical has been selling home appliances since the 1950s, and in 2020 we started to offer kitchens as well, in a bid to further improve peoples homes. Now we know how important the kitchen is to a home we all spend a lot of time there, whether we enjoy cooking or not!

Our deisgners know the importance of your kitchen being right for you, so take time to understand what it is you want from your kitchen, and ensure that they create something you will be delighted with for years and years. When you buy a kicthen from Purewell we don’t just throw a “here’s one we drew earlier” design at you – it is about the size of your space, and how you wnat to best use it. We work with incredible suppliers from England, Italy and Germany to help give you a wide choice of styles, finishes and colours.

Luckily for us we are better at designing kitchens than we are at writing blogposts, so please have a browse of our site, and feel free to head in to our lovely showroom in Christchurch to see our kitchens and to have a chat with our designers.