Nobilia Kitchens

Handcrafted Joinery made exactly to your specifications. With so many choices to make, our gallery will give you the perfect inspiration and see below to learn about the luxury features.




A kitchen island structures the room and offers practical benefits. These include optimum storage space organisation on both sides and, of course, short walking distances, which make working in the kitchen much easier. And when guests drop by, the kitchen island becomes an inviting meeting place. 


Aesthetically pleasing and very practical: touch the handleless doors lightly and they will swing open a little, making them easy to open fully. The Push to open function is what makes this possible. 

Elegant storage


The slide out shelf unit is always there when you need it. Perfect for having coffee machines and so on in direct reach and also being able to put them away in the roll-up unit when needed. 

Keep it fresh

Details for even more freshness: fruit and vegetables from the weekly market are best stored in the practical pantry box, as is fresh bread. 

Smart solutions

Corner units with swivel pull-out make optimum use of every corner of the kitchen, which is simply practical.